Monday 14 February 2022

Monstrous Valentine Cards for 2022


Monstrous Valentines for 2022. I have two modes: Cute. And a little upsetting.

Sunday 14 February 2021

Happy Valentine's Day 2021

The tradition of making monster Valentines continues for another year.

Friday 2 October 2020

A Saskatchewan Goodbye

 (Note: The Saskatchewan Goodbye varies slightly for each group of people. Depending on how comfortable you are with hugs and if you have kids you are trying to throw out the door.)

Thank you for reading my comic. 

Stay safe, stay well, you are loved.

On to the next adventure!


Wednesday 30 September 2020

Going Out in Style (The second last comic)

 This was the actual conversation between me and my brother when I told him I was planning on stopping the comic strip. The comic are based off of events and thoughts from my life, but it felt weird to say something like "In the comic I did this...." so I  refer to them as "the Donna character" or "the Thomas character". This seemed more natural since the comics are caricatures. 

One more comic to go.

Monday 28 September 2020

Burning Out/Time for a Change

 I started making Once Upon A Donna comics in 2012 as a way to get the attention of potential art industry employers. Instead it evolved into quite the adventure! I had a lot of fun sharing stories about my family and expressing my thoughts and feelings. But I believe it's now time for a change. 

It's part of my nature to want to move on to new projects, and I find I'm struggling to maintain this one to the point that I'm starting to feel Burnout.

So I'm sorry to say that I will be stopping Once Upon a Donna comics at the end of September. I'm very sorry for you long time readers who have stuck with me from the very beginning and I'm terribly sorry for any new readers who may have only just started to follow (but there is almost a thousand comics you can still read on this site).

It's easy to blame '2020' on this, but the truth of it is; I've been thinking about this for a long time. I won't say this is the End, because I may return to these comics if I can get back to the point where I look forward to doing them again. 

I am planning on starting a NEW comic elsewhere. It won't be like these comics however, it'll be a fantasy based adventure comic, not a slice-of-life daily strip like these. 

Please understand I do not make this decision lightly. I have received great joy from people reaching out and telling me how much they have enjoyed these comics, or how they experienced or related to what I had to say. Many times it's what has kept me writing.

But it is time to move on. Thank you my friends and relations, for putting up with me this far! 

(There will still be a couple uploads after this one, by the way)


Friday 25 September 2020

No Privacy

 I wouldn't mind so much if he'd just close the door behind him.

Tuesday 22 September 2020

Ready, Set........

 Putting my work out on social media is a scary, scary thing. I'm also new to Instagram and am getting pointers from my 16 year old nephew.