Friday, 21 April 2017


Oliver takes French at school. I took Core French in grade 9 and have forgotten most of it by now. I'm dreading the day Oliver realizes (or remembers) that I don't know a lot of French.
And if you don't know what Withdrawn Library books are: Books that do not circulate often, or have been worn down and damaged are sometimes taken out of the Library system and patrons can purchase them. Pricing is often something very reasonable, like 25cents per book or some sort of deal if you buy a bunch at once.
You can find some real gems. I remember at the SaskExpo last year, a very excited person saw a Manga book on the withdraw table the library had set up. He had such a look of awe on his face when he saw the book, and more so when he was told he could have it for free. Obviously he had been searching for this book for a long time.
Personally I find a lot of unique and fun kids books for the nephews and nieces. It's gotten to the point that when they see me, they'll ask if I have any books for them.

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