Monday, 30 September 2013

Even More Designs

I was asked to do some sport themed boards for KickIt Longboards, but they didn't want the characters to be your typical athletes. Instead they wanted the designs to be more intimidating and only resembling human. For the basketball player I decided to make sure it had wispy wings and large teeth and canines. As I roughed it out, I added a tail to the creature since it was beginning to remind me of a bird of paradise. So it became the Basketball Player of Chaos instead. In the finished design, you don't really notice the tail since it is covered in shadow and obscured by a basketball hoop. Either way I'm glad I threw it in.
I left the jersey grey, and put it and the rags on separate layers on the photoshop file so that the colors could be changed to match different teams.
This turned out to be one of those drawings that you have an idea for, but you know its going to be a pain for colouring due to the details. The little wispy hairs took majority of the time in completing this design.

The Firey Football Fiend.
After giving wings to the basketball player, I found myself going for a sort of elemental theme for each sport. So for the football player I wanted to incorporate rocks some how, but I didn't want the rocks to be just rock shaped armor. So after some research on rock monsters, and a bunch of thumbnail sketches, I came up with this:
I'm rather pleased with how it turned out.

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