Wednesday, 20 July 2016

GUEST STRIP: Mr. Blob to the Rescue!

So if you don't follow me on Facebook or Twitter, then you may be wondering why there hasn't been any comic updates this past week and a bit. (And even if you do know, I will explain a little better here.)

I have been having a problem with my Vestibular Tubes in my Inner Ear. If you don't know, those are the tubes responsible for balance and such. Particularly it tells the eyes where we are looking when we do something like roll over or look around. So the tubes in my left ear got inflamed with a virus and messed up my entire world for the past week and a while. I missed many things, from work to Birthdays. For a few days I couldn't even open my eyes for the world spinning, and don't even get me started on trying to eat! On top of this, looking at a computer screen was nearly impossible. It took less then five minutes of looking at a screen before I had to get away before I spewed.
 Fortunately I'm on the road to recovery. Unfortunately, I still can't look at a computer screen very long before I start to feel ill. I'm pushing myself even just writing this.

So today at least, we have a hero to thank for having ANY comic up!
The Culinary Artist @chefgobbett has kindly offered a guest strip while I recover.
You may recall his character making an appearance on the site once before here: ...Why am I Here?
 (I also reference the #RootBeerParty in the description of that comic I believe. Of which I am an Official Not Official Member.)
Thank you again @chefgobbett for helping my out!  I really appreciate it. Everyone should show him some love!

Hopefully I will be well enough to have a strip up by Friday. If not, I guess we'll just have to play it by ear!

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