Tuesday, 8 September 2015

It's my Birthday so...

Today is my birthday, so instead of today's comic you get to see this tea party I drew for a Facebook Challenge. Haha, SUCKERS!
Although it still needs a little work I'm pleased with how this turned out.
At this tea party we see the Foxy Whiskered Gentleman is re-enacting Aesop's fable about the fox and the crow, or in this case, Raven. Either way, the Lady Raven is losing the last of the cupcakes the Hare's had served. Luckily, Mrs. Hare is bringing out another tray of goodies. Mr. Hare tries to point that out to the Foxy whiskered Gentleman. Grandmother Hedgehog is not impressed by Foxy and judges him as she clutches her tea cup. Miss Mouse is unabashed. She just enjoys being invited to any soiree. Even it is, the weekly "tea and scandal."
Sorry if you already ventured over to my Fantasy Characters page, or on Facebook and saw this. 
Comic will resume on Friday.

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