Sunday, 21 September 2014

Unexpected Animatronics of Terror!

For whatever reason, the store was set up so you had to go through the scary section that was lined with their animatronic monsters, in order to get to the safer kid section. There may have been another way around, but at the time I didn't see it. In fact I wasn't looking at much of anything. Why do animatronics always look so mangy? Except for the zombies! They are in full gory detail!
Personally I like the more innocent side of Halloween. I like the spookiness over the jump scare and the Fall celebration over the gore fascination. And, of course, I loved trick-or-treating!

This incident happened a few years ago, Chris is older now and probably wouldn't be as frightened as he was then. Maybe. Seriously, Mangy! 

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